Art, Photography, Sketches, Watercolor

Art, Photography, Sketches, Watercolor

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Last 4 Pages of the Sketchbook..

I am down to the last 4 pages of My First Graphite Sketchbook. I am eager and anticipating the start of the new sketchbook. It´s not so much the hesitation to begin or fear of the blank page; which I have sometimes starting a new Sketchbook or Page. There is a bit of sadness to finish this book... it´s become like an old friend. I spent time, energy and playing around creating with the sketchbook and have a sense of accomplishment now. Maybe I will finish it or just leave the 4 blank. ; ) I will see. 

I keep about 3 Sketchbooks now. Graphite, Mixed Media - Art Journal (for Watercolors mostly) and a Small Travel Sketchbook. I will be going to visit a small town here in Germany soon. So I am excited to construct a creative Travel Sketchbook for this tour. 

Anyway, I will be on to the new Sketchbook hopefully with new improvements I have made in My Daily Sketching. I do sketch daily; at the least 3 times a week now. 

Drew as seen from a Cathedral in Münster Germany.

Wanted to try something different.
I used 8 B pencil for the darkness.

Eddie from the old "Munsters" TV Show.
(I know the Wolfie Doll is Creepy) LOL. 
Vampira. My attempts using at Charcoal.
 Not my favorite medium.. but I use it sometimes. 

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  1. Super - an excellent selection. I know the (mixed) feeling of finishing a sketch- or notebook after a long time. But you will find a new friend with the next - and the old one will always remain a good old friend sharing a lot of memories with you.