Art, Photography, Sketches, Watercolor

Art, Photography, Sketches, Watercolor

Friday, June 20, 2014

Weekend Reflections #5

Weekend Reflections

It seems I like tree in window reflections. I get some good water reflections sometimes. I got some good Macro/Close-up photos this week. Always looking for some good reflectives... and everything else. My husband and I go out for photography walks or photo tour with our cameras looking for good photos.  

I love photography. : ) I hope you enjoy these as much as I do taking them. 

This was taken at a Historic Village
 in Livonia Michigan.
Greenmead Historic Park.

Duisburg Germany


  1. beautiful reflection of a trees... nicely done...

  2. Thank You. I hope to find more... ones I like are not always easy to find. I enjoy looking while taking photos of everything else.