Art, Photography, Sketches, Watercolor

Art, Photography, Sketches, Watercolor

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

WOYWW - What´s Your Workdesk Wednesday

WOYWW - What´s Your Workdesk Wednesday

July 16, 2014

The desk looks pretty much the same as last week. This week went by fast. The "icad - Index Card a Day" Prompts this week are good ones. I have really enjoyed creating them. I went to a Ceramics Studio this week and hand painted a necklace pendant and a breakfast board... ceramic not wood. That wasn´t really on my desk. But a creative thing this week. 

My work space with my pencil sketchbook on it. 

icad- Index Card a Day
The cards I made from the prompts
 I haven't missed a day yet. 

The Ceramic projects at the Ceramic Studio. 

A sketch

An Owl Sketch. I have been inspired lately to draw Owls.
I really like them. 

Me wearing an Owl  t-shirt I found while out shopping.
I found it to be a really cool graphic.

That is what is new this week. Thank You for visiting. Have a Great Week. : )


  1. Your new T-shirt is really cool! And love your projects! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #62

  2. Oh look, there you are *wave*....looking very cool in a trendy owl t shirt. I like your sketches very much, and I love the ceramics, a breakfast board..nice idea.

  3. Great to see a photo of you. I have heard of the sketchbook project but because I can't draw i haven't participated. Looking forward to seeing more of your awesome sketches & owls. Diane #78

    1. Diane, You can draw... it just takes practice, time and patience. I am still learning. Thank You so much for the visit and commenting. : )

  4. Thank You. so much for the visit and nice comments. : )

  5. A fun tee shirt there, Jamie. Great work on your desk. I like the ceramic things. Well done.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #13