Art, Photography, Sketches, Watercolor

Art, Photography, Sketches, Watercolor

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WOYWW - What´s Your Workdesk Wednesday -

WOYWW - What´s Your Workdesk Wednesday

 July 9, 2014

I have been doing the "icad- Index Card a Day" each day since it started. I  have been writing some poetry this week and started a new poetry blog from this one. In hopes to keep things more organized.  Below are photo and about what is going on there. :)
Have a Great Week Everyone... and Thank You for visiting my Blog. 

The work desk as it is now. : )
I use a piece of paper as a mat. I doodle, make notes, and use it to test
watercolors color before putting on the artwork.
I drink coffee and tea at my desk. You can see that. ; )
My Compose is there too a tool for measure and proportions.
I got new Water-soluble wax pastels. I like them. 

A sketch I drew while having coffee this morning.
The mandela is for the green prompt
for the index card a day - icad.
The pencil case shows my watercolor pencil and  new x-acto knife
 (the scissors are good but not good enough sometimes).
I use reading glasses for detailed work. 

Sketch I did last night. Inspired by a cloud formation i seen this last week.
I posed my wooden art  mannequin in the same position I remembered seeing.
Added wings and added my own details. 

Icad - Index Card a Day. Tag was the prompt for this one. 

Sketch I drew early in the week....

...drew again 2 days later and watercolored this one. 


  1. I love that ICAD challenge - I've sen some others doing it. Your cat looks like my Jack - a cat we had for almost 20 years! So cute. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #57

    1. Thank You. I am still doing the icad. Everyday. I love it. I think it really improves my art. I am more daring on these little cards to try new medium and subject I might not usually. : ) I had a black cat for years I love I want make a good art form of him. Black cats are a challenge for me. Thank You again. : )

  2. Interesting desk and love the cat drawing, looks like a real character.
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x #41